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Here's how it works

1. Email us your .stl .stp .iges file by clicking here, please include preferred material and quantity.
    (Don't have an 3D Model or stl file? Don't Worry, we can often help you out.)

2. We will review your request and email you back a quotation.

3. You give us the go ahead either by an upfront payment (credit card) or by purchase order*.

4. When your print is ready, you will be notified, then we ship.

*if you choose to order by purchase order, an invoice will be sent out after the parts have shipped.

During the review and quotation stage, if we see anything that may cause us concern with the model, and the way it may print, we will let you know straight away. We want your 3D Printed model to be of the highest quality and to represent what it is that you had intended.

We offer design advice on your model from a 3D Printing perspective.

If you require 3D Modeling of your idea, then contact us today.

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