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3D Printing diameter holes and posts, what are the limits to whats possible.

Welcome Back! In this the second blog in the series on 3D Print Design tips, we are going to challenge what is the minimum diameter hole than can be successfully 3D Printed, we will also check out what is the minimum shaft / post diameter that is printable. In both instances, we will be using our Objet-Polyjet 3D Printing technology.

In early 2017 NeraTek intends carrying out all the experiments that we will have conducted and reported on using the Polyjet process, but instead we will use our FDM process. Over the course of these experiments, we hope to have used various 3D Printing technologies thus building a knowledge database that can be used by anyone that is either considering 3D Printing or those involved in the design of parts that will be prototyped via 3D Printing or those that intend using the 3D printed items as final production items.

Design guidelines will vary depending on the process chosen. For further information on general design and accuracy guide lines for some of the various 3D Printing technologies that we offer, visit

So… off we go to NeraTek’s CAD Services to get the 3D Solid Models of the parts that we are about to print. Oh!, but first, let us define what it is that we want designed.

For these 3D Printed test pieces we would like to investigate hole diameters starting with 0.20mm and stepping up in 0.10mm increments until we reach 1.00mm. We are fairly sure that 1.00mm and beyond is achievable.

We will also require the same diameter dimensions and increments for the post/shafts, We will request that the height of the posts are kept to 10mm for the purpose of these tests.

Please check back in with us at when we will be sharing the results of the 3D Printed test pieces in a couple of days.

Please feel free to contact me at +353 89 704 4508 or by e-mail

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