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NeraTek are happy to announce the launch of our new website

Welcome, we are excited to share with you the announcement that we have just launched our new website, both for desktop and mobile. You can visit us at We hope you find the website fast, easy to navigate, user friendly, and above all relevant to you needs.

NeraTek's focus is on providing 3D Printing, CAD Services and Project Management. Whether you just need one particular service or all, we can partner with you to help achieve your goal.

Our 3D Print Service is suited towards all professional backgrounds, from Creatives, Engineers, and Academics, basically, anyone who has an idea that they would like to be able to touch and see. In order to help find the process and material('s) that best matches your product, we have included links to comparison charts and material data sheets on our website.

In our CAD Section we can take your product idea and convert it into a 3D Solid Model and then

into reality through our 3D Printing capabilities. This service also supports any person or organisation who struggles with 2D paper or pdf drawings, why not let us reproduce them into 2D electronic CAD files and 3D Solid Models. We can also provide a reverse engineering service if required.

Perhaps your project could benefit from extra resources in order to bring it to completion or you need a given project to be managed from prototype to production, then let our Project Management service help you out. We have over 20 Years Project Management experience under our belts in the plastics industry. We are here to help! Contact us.

We have worked hard putting this website together, full of information on NeraTek's services and useful resources in our 3D Materials section that can be downloaded.

We try to be the best at what we do and look forward to hearing any feedback from you.

If you experience any problems using our new website or just have a question, please feel free in contacting me at

Des Forde


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